A checklist for selecting a web host company

Web hosting is an inevitable requirement of every website and determines the experience customers have on your website. It is important that you have proper understanding of your website requirement in order to choose the right web hosting for your website. Web hosting service provides offer a number of hosting options to customers so that they can buy the package that suits their requirement. You should also ensure that you get the right provider with expertise in providing hosting solutions to websites similar to yours.

Types of web hosting

Shared hosting is a good option for small enterprises that have low website traffic. This type of hosting provides great website performance at affordable cost. In this type of hosting, several websites are hosted on a single server space and resources are shared amongst them. This option is not preferable for enterprises with large traffic, as this will hamper the performance of other websites hosted on the server.


VPS hosting is useful for medium size enterprises and provides virtual servers for independent hosting of websites within a single server space. Resources are also provided independently so that the performance of one website is independent of the performance of the other.

Dedicated server hosting is for large websites who need to provide for huge traffic all day long and there is no sharing of resources. Only one website is hosted on the entire server, hence, the performance of the website is excellent, and error free. The website can cater to any amount of traffic without any mal-operation.

Web masters with multiple hosting accounts provide reseller hosting. In this type of hosting, a part of the server is provided to customers at different cost while the host company provides the facilities.

There are a few points that you need to keep in mind while choosing your website hosting service:


It is important that you get your hosting service from a reliable provide that has adequate experience in providing such services. You can also go through the customer reviews for a better understanding of the services provided. The performance of your website is very important for the growth of your online business and hence you should only choose the best provider for your hosting requirements.

Customized package

Your hosting package should be in accordance with your business requirement. It is important that you get proper understanding of your business requirements so that you choose the right hosting package. It is important that you make sure that your service package is customized according to your requirement so that you do not pay for any service that you do not need. This will help you reduce your expenditure and get the best hosting package to suit your website requirement.

Interactive Control panel

A user-friendly control panel will provide you the facility to manage your hosting in a systematic form and not depend on the technical staff for every small requirement. It is important that you make sure you get the desired controls and can give your customers a fun-filled experience on the website.


Technical support

It is important that your hosting company provide you active technical support so that all your hosting issues are resolved instantly. This will also take care that you do not lose any business due to website mal-function. The website should give you high uptime and all problems should be efficiently resolved by the technical support.

Affordable prices

Your website hosting should not become a burden on your business and hence it is important that you choose a provider that offers hosting services at affordable cost.…

4 Tips to Choose the Right Domain Name

Choosing the right name for a domain is imperative to boost the search engine friendliness of an online website.

The affection of search engines towards keyword rich domains is a world known concept. Therefore, before you embark upon the quest of finding a name for your domain, it is advisable to conduct a thorough research to make sure the name for the domain carries a high relevancy degree.

Mentioned below are some tips that will assist in finding just the right name for a domain that is both is both search friendly and is targeted towards the audience.

1. Make Sure the Website Name is same as the Domain Name

Although you will find many websites whose names are not same as their domain names, it is advisable to take up a name that matches with the website name.


You see, people have a perception that whatever the name of the website is, same is the name for its domain. Therefore, they tend to type in the URL, same as the name of the website. A name for a domain same as the website’s name, thus is certainly a requisite.

2. Extend the Registration Period

The credibility of the domain lies in the period, for which the name of domain has been registered. Search engines prefer domains that have extended tie-ups with the registrars. This directly correlates with the rankings of the website. Higher the registration period, more is the reputation of the online website.

3. Optimize the Length

The length of name for a domain can be anywhere from 0 to 67 characters. The trick here is to find a name that is both sensible and short. People don’t like to type in long characters names in the URL box and most certainly don’t want to remember lengthy names. The most viable option here is to choose a name that is short and at the same time doesn’t make a bleak sense.

4. The Extension

Choosing an extension for the domain is certainly a no-brainer. Apparently, dot com extensions are hugely popular, simply because people try to complete every website with a dot com extension. Therefore, choosing a dot com extension will certainly work in favor of your online website. However, if you are unable to find a dot com extension matching with your name for the domain, go for other options that include dot org, dot net, dot info etc.


If you have read this far, you probably now have figure out the trick to choose the most suitable domain name for your online website. Go through above tips to make the right decision.…

Top 3 Web Design Tips That May Help You Create an Appealing Online Presence

When the internet emerged around 25 years ago, the first website designed was no less than a set of a Star Wars movie. It was innovative, complicated and bright. After 25 years, the web design industry has completely changed. Today, we have a large variety of websites and almost each one looks different than the other. There are different tips on how to design a creative website, what makes a website appealing to the users, how to attract both search engines and users, and create a customized website as per your business requirements. In this article, we have mentioned 3 web design tips that may help you create an appealing online presence.

Call to Action

Users do not like to put additional effort to go to ‘contact us’ section of website and search for your contact details. Hence, it is advisable to include CTA on every service page. If you check popular website, you will find that almost every website includes various CTA options such as e-mail, call, contact form etc. The best CTAs are short and clarify which action you want the user to take.

Keep it Fresh

There are numerous open source software solutions available on the web that may help you create a website design free of cost; however, these solutions do not provide customized options and make your website look like a replica of another business website. It is also advisable to update your website content or blog on a regular basis.

Incorporate Social Media Icons

Today, a large percentage of the world is on social media, which makes it important for you to allow users to share your services, event, and blog posts on the web. While designing a website, make sure to incorporate social media icons. This will help you build a brand image and expand customer reach.

Images, Videos and Graphics

The popular saying, “Pictures are more important than a thousand words” fits well here. Images and graphics attract users. Videos are another great way of indulging a user. Multimedia videos can help you spread your message in a more appealing manner and connect with the audience. Videos are a great way to connect with your audiences as video content allows you to spread a message more appealingly.


Today, customer behaviour has changed and so are their communication devices. Hence, apart from the aforementioned, it is also important for you to ensure that your website is responsive.…