Finding the Right Dispensary in Maryland. Where Should I Go?

Finally, the time has come for those that have procured their medical marijuana prescription cards to go forth and purchase this healing medicine in the state of Maryland.

Although Maryland has promised to present licenses to 102 separate medical marijuana dispensaries, at this time only 10 dispensaries have received that license. Still, it’s important for the card holder to know just what they’re looking for when choosing the dispensary that is right for their particular needs.

Purchasing medical marijuana isn’t the same as walking into a convenient store and buying a bottle of aspirin. Not all products are created equal, and no one may know that better than the licensed growers, processors, and dispensaries that deal with medical marijuana on a daily basis. So how does one decide which dispensary is right for them?

Safety First

As you are examining different dispensaries, always consider the company’s health standards. You want to ensure your products are being created and stored in a clean environment, with proper storage and handling management, as well as a safe source of the product. It is always a good idea to inspect the manufacturer or grower of the marijuana, not only ensuring the quality of the product but also the cleanliness of the growing process.

In addition, dispensaries should keep excellent records of transactions and your certification to ensure they are meeting the government standards for type of marijuana, amount sold, birth date of the purchaser, price, and the date of sale. Although these are not necessarily the customer’s responsibility, by ensuring your dispensary is following the necessary rules, you can be confident with the service and quality goods they provide.


For many patients, location is going to play a large part in where they decide to purchase their medical marijuana. If the patient is unable to travel due to their ailment or disease, a caretaker may have to travel to procure the cannabis for them.

Travel time, accommodations, gas prices, and many other everyday factors should be taken into consideration as well. Obviously, not everyone will have the luxury of having a dispensary within their city. But, knowing what the closest options for a dispensary are can add quite a bit of peace of mind to the consumer.Fortunately, Mary and Main will offer a wide radius of home delivery services for our patients who can’t make it into the store on their own.

Quality and Strains

One of the easiest ways to check dispensary product quality is to test products. However, returning marijuana products to the dispensary is prohibited by law, so this method of quality checking can become expensive. Nonetheless, it’s a very important component to deciding on the dispensary that is right for the patient- the quality of the product. High quality medical marijuana is vital to easing the suffering of many chronic and debilitating issues, and should be expected by the consumer when purchasing products from any dispensary. It can be very helpful to ask for a budtender when visiting the dispensary.

A budtender can not only tell you the strength and quality of the medicine that you’re looking to purchase, but can even suggest the perfect strain for treating a patient’s particular healthcare needs. Different strains have been found to be beneficial to different ailments, and knowing the right strain can not only save the patient valuable time, but can begin their journey to physical relief much sooner. Of course, our aim at Mary and Main is to source only the highest quality products from our friends in the growing and processing side of the industry so that our patients get only the best.

Price and Stock

As with any other product or business, prices between medical marijuana dispensaries are bound to vary. It’s reasonable to expect that dispensaries that reside in more urban settings may have higher prices than dispensaries that reside in a smaller, more rural setting. Another variable may be the supply and demand of that particular dispensary, which brings us to the importance of stock. If the patient finds a particular strain of medical marijuana that offers them the most amount of relief, it’s important to know if that strain is going to be hard to come by in the dispensary they’re considering.

As one of the most inexpensive healthcare treatments, marijuana from a dispensary is around $15 per gram. General illegal weed costs are estimated at around $20 to $30 per gram, while private, home-grown cannabis, although still illegal in Maryland, can be priced at around $10

Atmosphere and Service

Medical marijuana dispensaries are a business, and it’s important that they be conducted in a way that keeps the customers happy and their experiences pleasant. Friendly, knowledgeable employees are a must have when considering a dispensary, as well as a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. This experience is going to be new for many people, and it’s vital that the experience be a positive one.…